I was born in Bogotá, Colombia.
I live in London Ontario, Canada
From an early age I became interested in the history of art, college I studied advertising drawing, graphic design, photography and video.
After many years of working in advertising I chose to get fully involved in photography. In 2012 I began to combine photography and art, for 5 years until 2017 I experimented with many techniques, to finally find my artistic path. For 2 years until June 2019 I finished my first large format piece.
My work is a mixture of photography and digital painting, which is painted line by line to finish it in a large format print with vivid colors reflecting the intricate mix of nature and imagination.
In my paintings I represent the unity of the universe with being, – we are all one with the universe – I represent the energy that surrounds us and of which we are part of, an intricate network of connections that if we could see with the naked eye it would show us the complexity ethereal of the world where we walk.
Each work hides images that the viewer begins to discover as the brain and emotionality connect with the picture, each person sees what identifies him deeply with his being. In my work the images of dancers and winged women predominate, a symbol of the power and magic of the creators of life, the vivid colors and the indigenous images of power and wisdom.
My art work is full of colors, the colors each have their own range of energetic vibration, these vibratory waves connect with the geometric shapes produced by fractals in the juxtaposed and discontinuous crossed lines of the work, generating vibratory waves that connect with the vibratory waves that humans produce with our emotions and thoughts.
•That is why by being in the presence of these images you can move to other vibrations and raise your state of mind then you can connect with other dimensions of being, peace, joy, happiness, ecstasy, harmony, love and meditation. In this way these states will lead you to the connection with your inner being.